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Projects Around the World

Cold Storage Warehouse - Ghana
The warehouse was designed by an Adiram engineer in compliance with customer requests.
Immediately on confirmation of the design, Adiram manufactured the structure and all its parts, like pieces of Lego, to be assembled independently by the customer in Ghana.
The warehouse was assembled completely by the customer's team according to the instructions provided by Adiram. In view of the success of the first cold storage warehouse, two more were ordered.
Cold storage warehouse - steel construction
Cinema City - A look from above

Cinema City - Nigeria

Manufacture of a 570 Ton structure for 5 different buildings.
The structure was manufactured at the Adiram plant and sent like pieces of Lego to Nigeria to be assembled there.
A skilled team from Adiram assembled the structure under the watchful eye of the project manager.
Cinema City, as can be seen, sits under the large, golden wings of a welcoming eagle, catching the viewer's eye and attention with his beauty.
A pedestrian bridge makes for easy access.
Cinema City - Nigeria
Cinema City - Nigeria
Pedestrians Bridge - Cinema City
Ball in Nigeria
Ball in Nigeria
Cinema City - Front view