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Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are used for different purposes than those of residential and commercial buildings. There is also a great distinction between different industrial buildings. Some buildings are open and some are enclosed and secure, some protect expensive, important equipment (such as buildings that contain generators for power stations), and so need to stand in face of missile attacks, give protection from damp and other hazards. Some industrial buildings have to be open because of the type of work done, for example, garages. Many times, for varying reasons, air conditioning cannot be installed in industrial buildings. In such cases the buildings must be well-aired, or allow for other forms of cooling and heating.

Adiram specializes in the construction of industrial buildings, specifically metal structures. Before work is begun the customer specifies the needs of the factory, and we put up the building accordingly.
Industrial buildings
It seems that there are quite a few industrial buildings in Israel that have been built illegally. Today the trend is to move all these factories to authorized industrial areas, which means the speedy construction of new industrial buildings. Adiram specializes in building such structures and will be happy to be of service.

Warehouses are an integral part of any industrial building. Warehouses are used to store diverse goods with diverse needs, some that need to be kept refrigerated, some that need to be kept in the open. Adiram specializes in erecting storage sheds and storage areas, as well as erecting buildings for cold storage. Adiram will erect the warehouse to suit your storage needs.

It must be remembered that the construction of industrial buildings requires a high level of safety to prevent unfortunate work accidents. Important work regulations must be withheld: regulation 931 dealing with the fire resistance level of building materials, regulation 755 grading building materials according to their behavior in time of fire, regulation 921 determining the minimum fire resistance of building materials

Adiram Metal Industries

The metal industry is an integral part of many various other industries, especially the construction industry. Reinforced steel, for example, is an essential material in any construction job. Whereas concrete gives a building strength, iron gives flexibility and the ability to withstand hazards such as earthquakes. Adiram Metal Industries specializes in various metal industries for a variety of uses, with an emphasis on the needs of construction, supplying products such as steel reinforcements, profiles, sheet metal, plumbing products, etc. Adiram's warehouse is a contractor's paradise, stocking any building material a contractor may need.

Adiram supplies building materials for construction, as well as manufacturing and erecting building structures and industrial buildings. At Adiram there is no compromising when it comes to quality of work or materials.