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אדירם תעשיות מתכת בע"מ


Adiram Metal Industries Ltd., a well-known, well-established company in the field of construction founded in 1975, is under ownership and management of Amos Cohen.
The company is located in the Industrial Zone of Netivot on an area of 15,000sq.m.

The company's activities include:

  • Erection of industrial buildings
  • Erection of storage sheds
  • Erection of cold storage buildings
  • Erection of buildings in Israel and worldwide
  • Manufacture and assembly of galvanized steel roofs for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Manufacture of diverse products for construction, agriculture and storage
  • Building materials iron, dry wall as well as construction materials
Neve Pnina
Aircraft hanger
A special department for CNC cutting and bending sheet metal

Adiram, a contracting company listed in the Contractors Register, executes numerous projects in Israel and around the world.
Adiram uses conventional construction methods while integrating steel elements in the structure, taking each project from the planning stage, through the construction to the completed structure.
The work is performed by a team of professional, skilled and experienced workers, who are under the supervision of company engineers, making sure everything is done accurately, to the highest standards and on time.
Adiram excels in planning and constructing steel roofs, noted for the following features: maximum precision in production and assembly, speedy assembly, highly waterproof, fire resistant, and suitable for all types of roof tiles, reasonable prices.

Not only does the company execute various construction projects, Adiram also manufactures a range of products to fit the needs and requests of their customers, installing them at the customer's site.

Adiram is well-known for their meticulous professionalism, their high standards of quality and the personal service they give their customers. Their services include professional consultation and engineering design prior to the order and production of their products.

Adiram serves a wide range of customers that include: construction companies, contractors, promoters, public institutions, local municipalities, government companies, agriculture, businesses, companies, etc.
Nigeria Project
Africa Project

A sample of select projects:

Roofs for prefab residential buildings countrywide – 60,000sq.m inclusive

  • Pharmaceutical warehouses at Tel Hashomer Hospital – 3,000sq.m floor area
  • Denia Sibus, Rishon LeZion
  • Tnuport, Emek Hefer
  • Y.K.L. Packing House, Gush Katif - 3,000sq.m floor area
  • Agrexco Packing House, Netivot – 7,500sq.m floor area
  • Institute for Desert Research, Hebrew University, Sdeh Boker - 2,000sq.m floor area
  • Yahad Cold Storage, Moshav Tidhar – 2,000sq.m steel
  • Fire station, Netivot - 1,500sq.m floor area
  • Retirement home, Beer Sheva – structure, 800sq.m
  • Sports auditorium, Holon – 5,200sq.m
  • Kfar Chabad Girls' School

And many more projects…

A dream construction is Adiram!